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LSC1S-ULSL-015A Quantum Scalar i40 COD License, 15 slots LSC14-UDTK-000A Quantum Scalar i40 Desktop Kit LSC1S-UADR-000A Quantum Scalar i40/i80 Advanced Reporting License.Restoring the Library Configuration and Library Firmware page 345.Page 218: Installing A New Multi-module Library Configuration.Quantum 3-05281-01 Scalar i80 LTO Library 6U with 80-slot license, Dual PS | Computers/Tablets & Networking, Drives, Storage & Blank Media, Tape & Data Cartridge.DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) dynamic IP addresses to devices on a network.About License Keys. 81 Obtaining a License Key. 82 Applying a License Key. 83 Configuring Quantum Encryption Key Manager (Q-EKM). 84 Step 1: Upgrade Firmware. 84 Step 2: Install the License Key on the Library. 84 Step 3: Install Q-EKM on a Server or Servers.The default administrative user account is used to perform the initial configuration of the library.Tape drive sled log information can be used to help troubleshoot library, tape drive sled, and tape drive issues.Page 174: Using Advanced Reporting Templates, Loading And Reloading Advanced Reporting Data.

Adding Expansion Modules to an Existing Library 3 Remove the rack ears that fasten the module to the rack. 4 Loosen the thumbscrews located at the base of the front and rear of the module.GigE is an enhanced version of the Ethernet protocol that has been used for many years as the underlying transport technology in IP networks.A Setup Wizard helps you get started configuring your library, and menu commands on both the operator panel and the web client allow you to reconfigure your library at any time.

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Title: Quantum Scalar I80 Tape Library-2 X Drive50 X Slot 87461, Author: ken dodorem, Name: Quantum Scalar I80 Tape Library-2 X Drive50 X Slot 87461, Length:.Page 231: Preparing To Install An Additional Expansion Module.Page 344: Saving And Restoring The Library Configuration, Saving The Library Configuration.Buy Scalar i80 Library one HP LTO-4 Tape Drive 50 Slots Fibre Channel at Amazon UK. Free delivery and return on eligible orders.See Firmware on page 163 for information on upgrading firmware. 2 Remove all tape cartridges from the library using the import and export commands of the operator panel or web client.Using the guide rails on both the tape drive and the tape drive slot, slowly slide the tape drive into the slot.The Load Drive operation enables you to load a cartridge from a storage slot into a tape drive.If you need to downgrade LTO-4 tape drive firmware from level 82FB or higher to level 77BE or lower, contact Quantum Technical Support for instructions and assistance.

You cannot configure the display settings from the web client.Scalar I80 Cod License 30 Slots (LSC18-ULSL-030A) SKU: 9336569 [Contact us for a price] Condition: New; Manufacture: Quantum Model Number.After applying any of the settings on the Network Management screens, verify the settings on the Security Settings screen.These keys are used by the IBM LTO-4 tape drive to encrypt information being written to, and decrypt information being read from, tape media.Quantum Scalar i80 - Tape library - 75 TB / 150 TB - slots: 50 - LTO Ultrium ( 1.5 TB / 3 TB ) x 1 - Ultrium 5 - max drives: 5 - 8Gb Fibre Channel - rack-mountable.You can also access the screens directly on the operator panel and web client. default configuration settings include zero dedicated Setup Wizard cleaning slots.Start with 25 slots and scale up to 40 slots with Scalar i40 (50 slots up to 80 slots for Scalar i80). Download the Quantum Scalar i40/i80 Datasheet (PDF).Quantum Scalar i80 Library w/1 x LTO-6 Real customer service from. Start with 25 slots and scale up to 40 slots with Scalar i40 (50 slots up to 80 slots for.

If you updated the library firmware since last saving the configuration, the library automatically restores the library firmware to the version that was saved with the configuration.For example, all tape cartridges in the library must have a barcode Quantum Scalar i80 Library, one LTO-4 tape drive, 50 slots, native Fibre Channel online.Without tape drives, tape cartridges, or power Warning: supplies, a control module weighs approximately 58 lbs.

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While rare, it is possible that the default addressing of the internal network could conflict with your network, potentially causing the library to become confused.The PCB or system that translates computer data and Controller commands into a form suitable for use by the storage disks.The Unload Drive operation allows you to unload a cartridge from a tape drive to a storage slot.The paragraphs following Figure 5 describe the components in detail.

Page 183: Autoleveling Tape Drive Firmware, Uploading Tape Drive Firmware Used In Autoleveling.Start with 50 slots scale up to 80 slots with Scalar i80 as your requirements grow. The Scalar i80 provides significant benefits over conventional entry-level tape.Scalar i80 Tape Library - 2 x Drive/50 x Slot Quantum Be the first to review this item. Available from these sellers. Scalar i80: Product Name.Buy Quantum Scalar i80 Tape Library - 1 x Drive/50 x Slot in USA.Page 63: Using The Default Administrative User Account, Completing The Library Configuration With Menu Commands.

Quantum Scalar i500 User Manual. Administrative users can use this operation to lock or unlock the. slowly slide the tape drive into the slot. Page 322. Scalar.The operator panel is physically attached to the front door of the control module.Control Path Modification. 29 Support for WORM. 29 Licensable Features. 29 Capacity on Demand (COD). 30 Quantum Encryption Key Manager (Q-EKM). 31 Advanced Reporting. 32 Understanding the User Interface Common User Interface Elements. 34 System Summary and Subsystem Status. 36 Home Page.You can view RAS tickets on both the operator panel and the web client.For details, see Removing, and Replacing Tape Drives 3 Add the power supplies.

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Media The screen includes information about the number of empty cleaning slots in the library.Page 138: Logging In When Ldap Or Kerberos Is Enabled, Logging Out.The Partitions page allows you to manage VTL partitions on the DXi6900. Slots: The number of. Quantum Scalar i40/i80 or Quantum Scalar i6000.Be careful when pressing the Caution: closes all RAS tickets even if they are not resolved.Make your choice and select Next The IVT test cannot be performed from the web client.Gb E or GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) transmitting data across traditional LANs.Push-in clip — to secure hook-and-loop fasteners to expansion modules.

There are a few components, however, that you can service without powering off the library, such as replacing tape drives.Channel zoning, also called port zoning, configures access to an entire FC and all the LUNs on that channel for the exclusive use of a host or group of hosts on a single port.If you did not save a recent configuration, you may need to manually restore your settings.

Quantum Scalar i80 Library, one LTO-5 tape drive, 50 slots

When the tape drive mode is online, the tape drive is available for use.If you select no attributes, the chart displays the TapeAlert count for the selected Grouping.For example, an LED can indicate a firmware problem that prohibits the library from generating RAS tickets.Page 367: Library Diagnostics, Configuring The Internal Network.

Scalar I80 Library Two Lto4 Tape Drives 50 Slots Fc: Computers & Tablets. Try Prime Electronics. Go. Search Shop by Department. EN Hello.Using a SCSI terminator instead of a module terminator will damage the library. a Using the module terminators, terminate the top and bottom modules in the library stack.

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Page 115: Setting The Date, Time, And Time Zone, Setting The Date And Time Manually.Chapter 7 Installing, Removing, and Replacing Replacing an Expansion Module Thumbscrews (behind doors) 5 Loosen the two thumbscrews located at the base of the back of the module.